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MOLADO M3k (3,000 Negative Ions) Wristbands / Strips / Rolls by Centimeter
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Wristbands, 3,000/cc

Dewdrop Bands, 3,000/cc

Anklets, 3,000/cc

V Necklaces, 3,000/cc

Rolls / Strips, 3,000/cc

The MOLADO Logo Clasp

MOLADO logo clasp is included with every wristband, while a regular clasp (no logo) is included with every anklet. If you’d like an extra MOLADO logo clasp, you can purchase it for only $3.00 and regular clasp with no logos for $1.50 from the ORDER PAGE. Thank you!

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We offer 10% discount if you’d like to purchase M3k in longer strips, please goto ORDER page to place your order.

MOLADO M3k products have 3,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, one of the best in the market. None can compete with M3k, offering free shipping worldwide and lifetime warranty.

MOLADO M3k products are scientifically engineered, ergonomically designed, assembled and handmade in USA.

All orders are processed securely via Paypal.

Free shipping and lifetime warranty on all M3k products.


M3k : Sharing The Gift of Life

M3k stands for MOLADO’s 3,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. M3k is made from FDA grade, nonallergenic, all natural materials and minerals.

M3k products have been tested and proven to have approximately 3,000 anions per cubic centimeter, which is more than the amount of negative ions in the forest. It’s like having the forest with you 24/7.

With the natural effects of negative ions, M3k products optimize the body energy, providing more flexibility, improved strength, enhanced power in all and any activities.

While helping to maximize the energy and strength level, M3k products are known to prevent snoring, giving you the better sleep and rest.

M3k provides you with the opportunity to exploit your natural abilities, feel healthier, and gain the confidence you need to compete at the highest levels, utilize 100% of your body’s resources, reduce stress and improve your self-assurance. Please read more about the healing properties of the negative ions.

If you’d like to place an order whether that’s M3k Wristbands, M3k Strips or M3k Anklets, please go to the ORDER page. Thank you and have a great day!


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Healing Properties

What are Negative ions?

How negative ions affect the human body?

Negative ions measured in our environments

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“I love M3K! These wristbands just make you feel more balanced and light. And if you spend a lot of time on a keyboard, you can't beat the pain relief. It's like magic!”

M3k Extra

M3k(F) “Happiness” Blue
M3k(FX) “Coal” Black
M3k(FX) “Sensual” Hazel

Sizing Guide (1cm=0.4in)

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